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Your Herd • Our Land • Our Expertise

We provide custom grazing and intensive grazing management. Our pastures are center-pivot irrigated fields subdivided into numerous paddocks. This allows us to graze each field up to three times each summer, providing the freshest, best possible feed for your animals. We will also provide salt, mineral, and fly prevention.

Your Herd • Your Land • Our Expertise

If you’ve already got enough pasture, our experience establishing our own set of paddocks will enable us to assist you in setting up your own intensive grazing management system, that will last for years. Whether you have us provide the daily service of moving your animals to their next paddock, or just want us to design and establish the system that will enable you to intensively graze your land, you can be sure it will be a positive addition to your ground, your animal health, and your bottom line.

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We live in the gorgeous Ruby Valley, Nevada (pictured above). You can navigate to our place thanks to this Google Maps embed.

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