About Us

Hello! Our name is Diamond S Custom Grazing. After four generations of ranching, we decided to take a little different approach. About ten years ago we tried intensive grazing with our own herd. We liked it so much, we've decided to offer the service. Pasture productivity has increased and haying expenditures have decreased. We've found that we can even graze a grass/alfalfa mix without any bloating. This enables us to harness the productive power of alfalfa for even greater animal nutrition and soil health.

2021 was the first year we offered custom grazing, and it was a great success.

Meet the Team!

Hello! We are Brian and Julie Ann Gale.

We are a husband-wife duo. Julie's family has lived here in Ruby Valley since the 1930's, and Brian joined the family in 2005. This valley is certainly beautiful, but the best part is our wonderful neighbors.